Project update  |   10 February 2023

BOOMS presentation for the GEO AquaWatch webinar

BOOMS Project coordinator Dr Victor Martinez-Vicente co-led the GEO AquaWatch webinar entitled 'BIOMONDO, BiCOME and BOOMS – Towards Earth Observation supported monitoring of freshwater and marine biodiversity' with BIOMONDO Project Manager Dr Petra Phillipson.

Screenshot of the webinar showing a 'get in touch' slide and the presenters


The European Space Agency (ESA) activity “Biodiversity+ Precursors” is a contribution to the joint EC-ESA Earth System Science Initiative to advance ESS and its response to the global challenges. The Precursor BIOMONDO is focused on biodiversity in freshwater ecosystems, such as lakes, wetlands and rivers. BiCOME is focused on biodiversity in coastal ecosystems such as intertidal and subtidal seagrass as well as pelagic coastal environments, BOOMS is focused on biodiversity on open ocean waters.  The objective of the Precursors is to identify knowledge gaps and challenges in biodiversity monitoring and to demonstrate and explore possibilities to support these challenges by combining EO based products, biodiversity modelling and in situ data.

Watch the video recording of the webinar

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